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Dominican Hair Care Services
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At Claudia Hair Salon, we offer a wide selection of Dominican hair care services to help you get the look you want. Our Dominican stylists take the time to consult with you individually, to understand your wants, needs, and personality, and to help you find the look that fits your features and lifestyle. From a trendy cut to a revolutionary new style, we can update your look and provide you with the tips and tricks you need to replicate your new look outside of our salon. Our goal is helping you look and feel your best.
Man with a haircut from our hair salon

Cuts and Styles
Our talented hairstylists have the knowledge and skill to transform your appearance with just a snip. From traditional trims to cutting-edge styles, we enhance your beauty and flatter your features with ease. No matter what hairstyle you're searching for, our professional hair technicians can help you find the look that best fits your lifestyle and personality.
Man with a haircut from our hair salon

Perms and Straightening
If you want to make your straight hair curly or make your curly hair straight, our experts can help you achieve the look of your dreams. We remove curls, waves, and frizzes from your hair and improve texture and shine with our straightening services, and we add healthy, even, bouncy curls with our permanent wave services. If you dream of a different look, call our experts—we work against Mother Nature to give you the look you desire.
Woman with a perm from our hair salon

Colors and Highlights
From honey blonde to deep brown to graceful red, we have the perfect hair color for your mood, features, and lifestyle. Whether you want to lighten your hair for summer fun, deepen your tones for an exotic, sultry look, or cover your untimely grays, our color experts give you even, shimmering, natural-looking color. We also offer highlighting services to accentuate your true color and diversify your natural tones with radiant, magnificent shades of your own hair color.
Woman with highlights from our hair salon

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